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Darta Audio : Guitar Effects StompBox


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Introducing our first plug-in in partnership with pedal maker Darta Effects. Darta Audio : Stompbox is a plug-in that simulates 3 physical DartaFX pedals.

  • First, Filtron is an envelope filter based on the classic MUTRON
    It has control of RANGE (where you choose the frequency at which the envelope starts), ATTACK (controls the sensitivity of the effect) and DECAY (which determines the size of the envelope wave).The switch controls the range of the effect: HI is thin and resonant, LO is full and closed
  • In the sequel, Mary Smoke is a tapped tremolo.
    Its timbre is organic, in the pedal the digital part only controls the tap logic, the sound travels only through the analog part of the circuit.The plug-in has 6 different waves, which precisely fit the sound you are looking for, time multiplication control (how many times the signal is modulated by the marked time), intensity control, manual tempo and master volume.
  • And finally, Oceans, a hybrid chorus.
    It has two controls for RATE (speed), DEPTH (depth), INT (intensity), FEED (feedback), BLEND (mixing the effect sound with the clean signal) and LEVEL (volume).


On a second page of the plug-in we have added another 2 pedals so you have even more control and versatility in your guitar tone.

  • A 3-band parametric EQ pedal, low-pass and high-pass filters, and a stereo widener.

Learn more about Darta Effects here.

  • VST / VST3 / AAX / Standalone  for Windows 64bit. VST / VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone for Mac 64bit.
  •  Minimum Systems Required: Win 8.1 / OSX 10.13
  •  Questions? suggestions? send an email [email protected]