Information and Support:
19.12.16 – Plug-ins have been tested on systems OSX 10.10 / 11/12/13 and Windows 8.1/10.

19.12.16 – The tests were successful on DAWs Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic, Cubase, and Reaper.

19.12.16 – AU plug-ins may present some problems with Logic X and Garageband on OSX 10.13, if they do, please contact salve@audiofb.com or audiofusionbureau@gmail.com to provide the necessary support.

19.12.16 – The activation of the plug-ins is done by a ‘serial number’ informed after the purchase, if the activation number is exceeded please contact salve@audiofb.com or audiofusionbureau@gmail.com so we can understand what you need.

19.12.16 – In DAWs Pro Tools and Cubase, some of the equalizer plugins work in the multi-mono or stereo mode and don’t work in mono mode.

19.12.21 – Soon we will open a ‘FAQ’ page to answer possible questions about the installation and operation of plug-ins

20.01.05 – When you click the ACTIVATE button in the validation application, you should return a message confirming the data for validation, if this message takes a long time to return, wait a few minutes and try again. It could be some communication error with the server.

20.02.11 – Starting in macOS 10.14 you may see the following message when trying to run a software installer package: “This installer can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”.
To get around this warning, right-click (or ctrl+click) on the installer and select “Open”, You’ll then see the same warning notice again, however this time there will be an additional “Open” button that you can click to run the installer and be happy! 🙂


20.23.04 – The latest update for the Blanka plug-in fixed an error for activation on Windows 8.1 and 10 systems. If the activation window does not open when clicking on any area of the plug-in, open the ‘safe.exe’ application inside the folder where the plug-in was installed. This manual update can also work in Window 7. But remember that the minimum configuration recommendation is Windows 8.1 UPDATED.