: The BUREAU :

Studio / HQ / Lab and sound test room optimized for editing, mixing, mastering, voice recording and overdubs. With its intimate design, carefully designed acoustics and incredible views of the Sao Paulo Skyline, it’s the place to be at ease while you work!







• Software/Interfaces/Recording:
Pro Tools 10
Ableton Live 9
Interfaces M-Audio Profire2626[8 Preamps]
Focusrite Scarlett 18i6[2 Preamps]

A/D Converters Presonus Digimax D8 and Behringer ADA8000

• Monitoring:
Tannoy System 2 +Subwoofer Mirage

• Consoles:
Alesis Studio32 – 16 Channels/4 Aux Sends/16 Direct Outs

• Preamps:
Amek Recalll Pre/EQ[2]
Art Tube MP
Golden Age Pre -73
Focusrite Platinum Penta

• Compressors:
160 DBX[2]
166XL DBX[Stereo]
Focusrite Platinum Penta[mono/stereo]
Amek 9098 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter
Lisciel Franco Memeia Stereo Compressor
GReem Box Audio Waterloo Compressor

• Microphones:
Audio Technica AT2020[2]
12Gauge Green12[4]
12Gauge Blue12[1]
12gauge red12[1]
Shure SM7B[1]
Shure SM57[3]
Sennheiser E602[1]
Sennheiser E604[2]
Shure Beta 52A[1]
Soundking Valvulado EAD008[1]
MXL 990[1]
MXL V69 Tube[1]

• For Guitar and Bass:
Orange Dark Terror
Valveking Peavey
Laney RB9
Gallien Krueger 400RB

• Offices:
Tech 21 4×12
Custom 2×12[Celestion 30 x Valveking]
Custom 2×15

• Instruments:
Gianinni Stratosonic ’92 double bass
Mapex Venus Series Battery[tons 10″/12″/13″/16″/2 bumbos 22″]
Mapex Steel Shell Box 14″ x 61/2″ 1 – Rowing Skins
Mapex Steel Shell Box 14″ x 61/2″ 2 – Aquarian Skins
Pearl Mirror Chrome Box 14″ x 51/2″
Mapex Basswood Box 14″ x 51/2″
Cedar Penguin Box 13″ x 31/2″

Varied Percussion Instruments.