Thinking about setting up a studio, a house show or bar and need an installation that meets the needs of your space? We can do this for you.

  • 3D drawing for project implementation.
  • Electrical sizing for the entire sound system.
  • Installation of sound table, amplicators and speakers.
  • “Patch” and Configuration of analog or digital sound systems.
  • Isolation and acoustic treatment projects.
  • Absorbers and Diffusers.

Projects Carried Out

C: Bureau Studio Bar & Lower Room[2016]

This project was an extension of our studio. Taking years of experience working with entertainment and bars, and combining that with the functionality of a studio, we built this with purpose of rehearsals and pocket shows, with impactful differentials in formats.

At the moment the project is inactive. Did you like the idea? Send us an e-mail.

– Construction:

Electroacoustic and sounding design;
3D design for project implementation;
Peer-to-peer sizing and installation;
Sizing monitoring of electrical installation for the audio system.

– Equipment Used:

• Tannoy DMT II System
• Receiver/Power Amp Denon
• M AUdio converters running Ableton Live 10
• JBL EON Testing System
• Alesis Mixer
• Amphenol and Tecniforte Cables



3D x Real:


P: Fel Bar[2017]

Fel is a cocktail bar with a more refined plastic, located in the iconic Copan building in downtown São Paulo. And that also came to the fore in the electroacoustic design. The partners understand a lot of music and are collectors of vintage audio and hi-end equipment, as well as vinyl connoisseurs. Because it is a small salon, a high quality JBL system was proposed, which added with some toys of the owners and an excellent soundtrack, delivers a very different experience from the usual.

– Acting:

Sound design;
Peer-to-peer sizing and installation
Electrical sizing for the audio system

– Equipment Used:

• JBL ControlX boxes and Loud Built-in Speaker
• Amps Vintage Tarkus
• Yamaha MG06 Mixer
• Plays Technics Discs With Ortofon Needle
• Phono Preamp ELC
• Amphenol and Diamond Cables

: Cat Bed Bar[2018]

The Cat Bed is a big hall, thought to be a “boat”, with ping pong tables for customers. Given the size of the space and the location, a more powerful system was proposed, with passive boxes and preparation to receive and distribute the audio of an additional system, if parties and pocket shows occur. The initial executive project was consolidated along with the architecture office.

– Acting:

Sound design;
Sizing and Installing audio systems.

– Equipment Used:

• Gearboxes ATTACK VRF 1220, JBL C621, built-in JBL speakers
• Amp Nextpro NA4350
• Mackie Mix8 Mixer
• Sil, Amphenol and Tecniforte Cables

: Geek Network Studio[2017]

The Geek Network is a hub of geek content, with podcasts, videos, blog and products. After a while doing live broadcasts in our old room, the responsible reshaped their base, and we assisted in the acoustic optimization of one of the spaces, with the planning and construction of acoustic panels sized for space

– Acting:

Acoustic treatment project;
Construction of acoustic devices;
Acoustic measurement.

– Equipment Used:

Self-made acoustic panels