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DisTOMPED : 90′ & 00′ Heavy Stoner Metal F**king Dirty Guitar


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DisTOMPED is heaven created for lovers of distortion, saturation, dirt and punch. An extremely versatile plug-in that you can mix different sounds and effects.

The first pedal is the Clockwork Twins, with an input gate, and in sequence 2 monstrous effects, Fuzz and Distortion that you can control the intensity of each effect and mix them.











Next, we are in front of the pedal that the name says it all. Scupture is a 24-band EQ with a tube drive simulation.










And finally, the treasure!

Post effect, we mixed 2 of our coolest effects! Neutrox 2 with reverb, delay, formant filter + Wizard for stereo widening.

Cab Sim captured in our studios with microphone position control (pan, distance) and line out if you want to load some IR in your DAW




  • VST / VST3 / AAX  for Windows 64bit. VST / VST3 / AU / AAX / Standalone for Mac 64bit.
  •  Internet connection required for product activation.
  •  Minimum Systems Required: Win 8.1 / OSX 10.13
  •  Questions? suggestions? send an email [email protected]